People of all ages can learn to dance. We offer a fun comfortable learning environment. Many students have reported weight loss, increased flexibility, enhanced strength, better posture, increased self-confidence, increased energy and endurance, and a more positive mood. Some students have been referred by their physicians, or recommended to continue dancing due to the benefits they have experienced.

While developing your dancing skills you should not be surprised if you:

• 1. Get more fun and enjoyment from your social life.
• 2. Enjoy increased self confidence.
• 3. Meet new people and make new friends.
• 4. Improve your overall health.
• 5. Feel more at ease in social situations.
• 6. Find the exercise and fitness you’ve wanted.
• 7. Make your partner happy.
• 8. Enjoy attending more parties.
• 9. Find your business relationships improving.
• 10. Acquire more grace and poise.
• 11. Overcome shyness.
• 12. Relieve stress.
• 13. Stand out on the dance floor.
• 14. Never have to say “no” to a dance invitation
• 15. Discover recreation in a new way.
• 16. Feel refreshed and relaxed.

One of the great benefits of learning to dance at Expressions Dance Studio is that your dancing will last a lifetime. It is always yours to continue and enjoy.